27 Oct

For many years the practice of mentoring has been practiced among Christians, particularly among those who are on the search for leadership within their church or organization. It's a practice that allows men and women to seek out other like-minded people who have already found success in their particular field of endeavor. This type of mentorship relationship requires a significant degree of trust between both parties. There needs to be an openness to share both the successes and failures of both leaders. 

Also there needs to be an unselfish desire to help each other reach their goals. Both leaders and mentors need to have similar values and work together in harmony in order for this to be a successful relationship. One great benefit of having a mentoring relationship is the opportunity to share ideas. When leaders are open and honest about their goals, beliefs and talents they can provide an inspiration to others. Often, mentoring enables leaders to express their opinions and allow for others to develop new ideas based on those ideas. This helps both people on both sides to grow as individuals and as a team. Another benefit of mentoring is the development of trust and commitment. 

Maintaining trust and honesty between a leader and a mentee builds the foundation for deeper, more meaningful relationships. Many churches have young women who are leaders. Young women mature quickly and while they may have come from a loving family environment where parents set an example for them, many young women are left with no guidance and are not aware of their personal beliefs and desires. Christian mentoring can offer a woman a role model for faith growth and the realization of her goals. Be sure to click for more details! One of the primary reasons why younger women are often underrepresented in clergy is due to gender diversity. Women are over represented in the clergy and management at many levels but are vastly under represented in leadership roles. The number one reason that younger women are not being groomed for leadership is due to lack of training and mentoring. Christian mentoring can help women develop the skills that are necessary for spiritual leadership and the development of skills that are necessary for successful professional careers. See this product for more info! 

Christian mentoring provides a unique opportunity for older women to deepen their own faith and experience the power of discipleship. Many times younger women develop strong feelings of identity and self worth which is not only related to their personal lives but also to the lives of their family and community. Christian mentored programs also provide older women with the chance to experience the joys of discipleship while making a meaningful contribution to their church. In addition, mentored women may also develop the opportunity to serve on campus ministry teams and to make lasting spiritual friendships. Such experiences will certainly strengthen any relationship. Through Christian mentoring, younger women have a variety of opportunities to experience the deep life of the Lord by becoming fully immersed in his teachings. On a daily basis they can begin to grow in the grace and mercy of the Lord. They can become inspired to live differently while enriching their lives. 

As women mature they will find themselves seeking the counsel of a mentor who will assist them in their quest for spiritual leadership and mentoring. A mentor is a friend who can walk with you every step of the way as you walk the journey through life. Check out this website at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mental-health-therapy-school_us_5b4c9d2ae4b022fdcc5b881c for more info about counseling.

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